WIth some seasonal closures going on over the past week, keep in mind that sections the Metolius are included in that! Remember, the Met is now closed from the Headwaters to Allingham Bridge. Fishing from below Allingham Bridge and downstream is fair game!

The fishing on the Metolius has been quite good! The nymphing has been great throughout the river system. We recommend fishing subsurface until the BWOs come off in the afternoon. If you are targeting rainbow trout, fishing with a double nymph rig is recommended. Remember, you have to get down and deep quickly. Utilize split shot on your double nymph rig if you are having trouble getting the flies down in the fishes face. Our go-to nymphs have been october caddis pupa, sz 18-20 two-bit hookers (red or black), small eggs, stone fly nymphs and sz 18-22 zebra midges (black, red, or purple).

If you are going for bull trout, we recommend sink tips and heavy, big flies! Get them down quick and into their faces.

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