The Metolious is one of the most pristine rivers in Oregon, with clear water, healthy native fish, and good hatches it is a great destination for a day on the water. However, it can get a little crowded out there, especially around the Camp Sherman area, but most of the visitors are there to hike or sight see so you usually do not have to worry about too many other anglers. The fishing has continued to be good though the summer and there are still golden stones flying around. Tossing a golden stone dry such as a Stimulator or a Clark’s stonefly should do the trick on the surface for a week or two to come. Before stepping into the water, make sure to take your time and really examine the water and look for fish so you do not spook them wading. Often times the fish will tuck up next to the banks for cover and excessive wading can easily spook them. If the fish are not coming to the surface, try swinging a squirrel leech along the banks and through buckets. A little sunshine, a day off, and some time on the Metolious can make for a summer day to remember! Stop by the shop or give us a ring for the most up to date conditions and hot patterns.

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