It is crazy to think that just about two weeks ago the canyon was filled with smoke and fires were raging around the area. Now, the fires have settled and the fish counts are rising, the river has been a little bit more crowded on the weekends. Remember, you can check steelhead counts here. Utilizing the fish count charts will be helpful in determining where you are fishing!

If you are fishing between WS-TC, the fishing has been decent over the past week or so. There is still a nice caddis hatch that has been coming off around 930, lasting for just over an hour. We have been seeing a few October Caddis zooming around but the fish just are not keyed into them. Nymph fishing has been great for us. We are fishing with sz 6-8 October caddis pupa, size 20 red copper john, size 18-20 black or red two-bit hookers, size 18 pheasant tail soft hackle. We are mainly fishing a two fly rig.

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