The Lower Deschutes has continued to fish well in the Maupin area. Dry fly activity has increased, and there are plenty of skwalas, march browns, and smaller mayflies around. On the right day there is little reason to throw anything but dries, a small olive chubby followed by a mahogany tilt wing or march brown pattern in size 14-16 is a great combo if you see bugs flying around. Nymphing will remain the most consistent way to catch fish, so if you aren’t seeing any surface activity fish large jimmy legs or similar stonefly pattern in size 4-8 followed by a smaller mayfly nymph. Anato-mays, two-bit hookers and pheasant tails in sizes 14-18 are good options, and smaller mayfly emerger patterns in sizes 18-22 will also catch fish!

Keep in mind that the Salmon Fly hatch will occur earlier in the lower stretches of the Deschutes. Everything is dependant on water temperatures, and with the warmer weather forecasted in the next week, water temps should start climbing.  Watch for fish to increasingly look towards large stonefly nymphs as the migration kicks into gear. Be aware that the opener for the water in the Warm Springs area is this Sunday, April 22 rather than Saturday as it has been in past years.

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