Although the boat ramps are still closed until the 20th of May, that hasn’t stopped anglers from prowling the banks in search of that coveted Salmonfly dry-fly action. The big bugs have been out and about the last few days and fish are holding in those typical spots along the rip-rap banks, under over-hanging trees, and against the tall grasses. With the upcoming weather forecast, anticipate the Salmonflies to hunker down a bit but that doesn’t mean that Redbands won’t be interested in a big meal up top. If they aren’t looking up, there’s nothing wrong with trying a weighted nymph or dry-dropper set up. Stonefly nymphs like the Lex’s Improved or Jimmy Legs are go-to’s this time of year as well as mayfly nymphs like the Copper John, Prince, Guide’s Choice Hare’s Ear, or Flashback PT. Don’t be surprised if a mayfly hatch comes off with this grey and rainy weather around midday. It’s not uncommon to see fish rising for a BWO or PMD this time of year even with the Salmonflies around. A size #16 Parachute Adams and #18 Sparkle Dunn should be in the box just in case the mayflies pop!

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