From Warm Springs to Trout Creek, the fishing has been pretty great! We expect this to continue over the next few weeks. We are seeing more and more adult October Caddis fluttering around and a few fish have been tricked into eating October Caddis dries. Aside from that, we are seeing a decent caddis hatch in the morning and PMDs/BWOs throughout the day.

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If you are fishing dries, we recommend size 8 or 10 orange stimulators, size 8 or 10 norm woods, size 8-10 october caddis dry, size 16-18 x caddis, size 16 outrigger caddis, size 16-18 purple haze, and size 16-18 bwo extended body.

If you are focusing on nymphing in hopes to hook some steel over trout. We recommend fishing with size 8-10 black or brown jimmy legs, size 6-8 october caddis pupa, size 14-16 red, black, or copper copper johns, size 18-20 red copper johns, and size 20-22 red or black two bit hookers.

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