As always, those looking to fish Hosmer should concentrate efforts in the early mornings and late evenings in order to avoid the height of the crowds and paddle traffic during the day. Fishing has been pretty good for those making the effort to get up there, with Damsels, Callibaetis, small streamers, and various Caddis finding fish. In the mornings look for a Callibaetis spinner fall or fish below an indicator if fish aren’t looking up. Good numbers of Callibaetis and Caddis have been prevalent most afternoons, and Traveling Sedges have been very abundant on the right evenings close to dark. Retrieving a Damsel nymph, Wooly Bugger, or small streamer can always be a good way to target some of the larger, more aggressive Brookies Hosmer produces.

Suggested Dries: X Caddis #16-18, Parachute Callibaetis #14-16, Hackle Stacker Callibaetis #14-16, Thorax Callibaetis #14-16, Last Chance Cripple Cali #14-16, Olive Outrigger Caddis #16-18, Goddard’s Caddis # 12, CDC Black Flying Ant #16, Peacock Chubby Chernobyl #14-16

Suggested Nymphs: Bird’s Nest Depth Charge #16-18, Dark Assassin #16-18, Trigger Callibaetis #16, Red or Black Ice Cream Cone #16, Black Zebra Midge #16, Olive or Black Balanced Leech #14

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