Hosmer has been fishing consistently well, and is providing opportunity to target fish with nymphs, dry flies, and leech patterns. Fishing chironomids or callibaetis nymphs underneath an indicator is always a safe option if there is not much in the way of surface activity. Slowly retrieving olive or black leech patterns and wooly buggers will also find fish consistently. We are starting to see callibaetis so make sure to have a handful of patterns imitating different life cycle stages. Fish have been keying in on them when they’re around and at the right times Hosmer has been producing the best early-season dry fly action of any of the lakes! Damselflies are also beginning to show up at Hosmer. Slowly retrieving a damselfly nymph slightly below the surface of the water should produce explosive takes on the right day. Look for the Callibaetis and Damselfly action to continue to improve in the coming weeks.

Suggested Dries: Hackle Stacker Cali #14-16, Last Chance Cripple #14-16,Foam Black Ant #16, Flying Black Ant #16, CDC Flying Black Ant #16, Peacock Chubby #14

Suggested Nymphs: Black, Red, or Olive Zebra Midge #16-18, Red or Black Ice Cream Cone #14-18, Dark Assassin #16-18, Bird’s Nest Hare’s Ear #16-18

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