The Green Drake hatch on the Metolius has been offering some fun dry fly fishing for anglers craving top-water action. The hatch has been going on typically between 2pm and 5pm and although the hatch is usually a fairly short one, the fish have been looking up. Days with some overcast cloud cover have provided the best conditions for the Drakes. Rising fish have been targeted both upstream and downstream from the Wizard Falls Hatchery as well as the Lower Bridge Campground area. Look for rising fish in long pools and tail outs as well as the slower, ripply water on either side of the steep, main current up in the canyon. Brown/grey/green Cripple and Emerger patterns in a size 10-14 have done best in the riffles with the Parachute Drakes in a size 8-12 being successful in the slower water.



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