The Metolious is undoubtedly one of, if not the most, technical waters in the 541. The combination of spring fed crystal clear water, and highly educated trout makes this water a great place to work on fine tuning your drifts and tactics for a variety of other waters as well. Similar to salmonflies on the Lower Deschutes, the golden stones on the Metolious are an event as well. How can any hungry trout resist a golden colored cheeseburger drifting by? The goldens are starting to show in numbers on the Met recently and the fish should start to key in on these big bugs. Tossing a foam bodied dry with plenty of suggested motion is always a good call. If the fish seem to be ignoring that offering, try a smaller pattern with a slimmer body and work on perfecting your dead drift. The best time will be earlier in the morning before the fish have had any flies presented to them for the day. As the sun climbs in the sky, think about rigging up a nymph setup and plying the depths of the deeper pools with a weighted stonefly nymph and a smaller soft hackle or Anato-may pattern as a dropper. If bobber fishing is not your forte, a smaller squirrel leech swung with a few short strips at the end of the swing can be deadly. At the end of the retrieve, instead of re-casting try throwing large loops of line into the current and mending the fly back into the run.

Go stake your claim on the Metolious and rope some native redsides!

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