Fishing has remained fair on the Fall, it’s a great option to stick closer to town and satisfy an itch to fish small water. The ODFW has begun their regular summer stocking schedule and will be putting new fish in every two weeks or so. With warm, sunny weather in the forecast, nymphing will be the most productive way to catch fish during the day. Make sure to go light with rigging, small indicators and 5x-6x flourocarbon will be most effective. Move slowly and look carefully for fishing hanging in the shadows, close to banks, logs, and other structure. Small mayfly and midge patterns will continue to produce fish. Olive and brown micro mays, black and red two bit hookers in sizes 16-20, followed by a black or red zebra midge or beadwing midge in sizes 18-22 should get the job done.

The excellent sight fishing on the Fall also provide excellent opportunity to throw streamers and leech patterns to larger fish. Sometimes a well placed wooly bugger or bunny buster is the key to moving a large fish that refuses to look at  smaller flies.


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