The Fall River has still been an exciting place to fish over the past few weeks! Even though the last scheduled stocking was several weeks ago, there are still plenty of fish in the river. We think the ODFW guys may be sneaking some more fish in for us. We have had good reports of decent amounts of fish at the Tubes, the Hatchery, and below the Falls. A PMD/BWO hatch has been coming off mid-morning (around 10) and lasting a few hours. This is a great chance to fish dry flies for good-sized trout. We have been fishing size 18 purple haze, size 18 BWO extended body, size 18 parachute adams, and size 18 royal wulffs. As a dropper, we are fishing size 18-20 two-bit hookers in red or black, size 18-20 purple, red, or olive zebra midges, and size 18-22 red winkers midges.

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