The Fall River is still chocked full of fish throughout the main drop zones. The fishing is great throughout the day, especially in the mornings. There is a decent PMD hatch that has been coming off mid-morning, each day. The hatch has been getting a bit weaker but fishing dries in the morning can be beneficial.

Fishing a dry dropper rig is also a great technique on the Fall. Sometimes fishing terrestrials on the Fall is overlooked but should not be! These fish will crush big bugs on top when they are willing. Fishing a chubby, hopper, or ant with a sz 18-20 dropper on 5x fluorocarbon is an effective setup. Our go to nymphs have been black or purple sz 18-22 zebra midges, sz 18-20 psycho prince, and sz 18-20 red or black two-bit hookers.

If the fish are being really tough, switch over to a streamer or something that can get down quick. These fish will go nose down on anything that is being dragged across the bottom. Get it in their face and they will go for it!


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