The Fall is full of big Rainbows right now, and many of them are willing to eat a well presented fly. There are a lot of fish that are new to the system, and it is an ideal time to get out and sight cast to some of the biggest fish we’ve seen on the Fall this year. The fish are seeing a fair amount of pressure, so come prepared to see other anglers and try to maintain a stealthy approach to avoid spooking fish. Nymphs and streamers are producing the best numbers of fish right now, but on the right days there can be a decent amount of dry fly action. Watch for increasing numbers of BWOs as the weather turns. Cloudy, rainy days should increase Mayfly activity and get fish looking towards the surface more consistently. In the meantime, attractor nymphs and white or olive streamers have been the way to get into the big fish.

Suggested Dries: Hackle Stacker BWO #18-20, Purple Haze #16-20, Parachute BWO #18-20, Sparkle Dun BWO #18-20, Tilt Wing PMD #16-18, Parachute PMD #16-18, Sparkle Dun PMD #16-18, Tilt Wing Mahogany #16-18, Parachute Adams #16-20, Foam Ant #14-16

Suggested Nymphs: Black Winkers Midge #18-22, Purple or Black Zebra Midge #18-22, Micro Mayfly #16-20, Anato-May #16-20, FB Pheasant Tail #16-20,  Guide’s Choice Hare’s Ear #16-20, Lavender Soft Hackle #16-18, San Juan Worm #16, Ray Charles #16-18

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