It has been a solid start to the season on East Lake, and while water conditions are less than ideal we’ve received many reports of solid days with decent numbers of quality Browns and Rainbows. As is the case with most other lakes in the area, most feeding activity is taking place subsurface on Chironomids, Leeches, and other year-round food sources. We’re primarily fishing Chironomids and Balanced Leeches below an indicator, but have seen success with some bigger fish on Wooly Buggers, Slump Busters, Ruby Leeches, and things of that sort. The water in East is unusually off-color and while there is decent visibility we are mainly fishing dark flies that provide a good, dark outline in the off-colored water. Black, purple, and dark olive are good colors for Chironomid patterns, and black Wooly Buggers and Thin Mints have been tough to beat on the leech game.

Suggested Flies: Black or Red Chironocone #14-16, Black or Purple Zebra Midge #16-18, Juju Chironomid #16, Black Yankee Buzzer #16, Dark Assassin #16-18, Bird’s Nest Hare’s Ear #14-18, Black or Bird’s Nest Depth Charge #14-18, Black or Red Two Bit Hooker #16-18, Olive or Bruised Balanced Leech #10-14, Hothead Balanced Leech #14, Ruby Leech #12, Thin Mint #10-12, Black Wooly Bugger #10-12, Black BH Mini Leech #12

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