Often famed for holding large numbers of gigantic browns, Wikiup is one of the best option if you are looking for quality over quantity and want to strip streamers for the predatory fish. The streamer fishing has been on at Wikiup, and a few of the larger fish are cruising the shorelines late in the evening or at the crack of dawn in the morning. These are your best times to target these fish. Bring polarized sunglasses and a variety of olive, white, black and brown streamers with good action. Articulated marabou patterns or smaller streamers such as the Sculpzilla are always a good option as well. Come prepared with a sinking line or a sink-tip for later in the day when the fish move deeper into the water and begin to take refuge in the cooler water. Having access to a boat is the most effective way to fish Wikiup,  but sight fishing and stalking the cruising trout from the bank is also a primary way to entice these browns.

The stretch of the Upper Deschutes between the two reserviors is usually home to some of the bigger fish that hang out in this system. At the moment though the warm temperatures have the fish stressed and no where to be seen. They have most likley moved down into Wikiup where cooler, deeper, water is abundant. Do not target the fish in this stretch of the river please as any fish caught will have a low chance of survival even if proper catch and release tactics are used. Thanks

Set your alarm clock and go rope a pig!

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