The flows on the Crooked have dropped to 220 CFS after a short bump to 240 a few days ago. Fish have settled into their standard holding water and are actively feeding with the steady flows. Conditions are perfect and there are plenty of wading opportunities to reach fish in all parts of the river. Fishing various riffles, pockets, and deep runs with a multi-fly nymph rig will be the most consistent way to find fish. Micro mayflies, copper microstones, and anato-mays in olive and brown, sizes 14-18 are good lead flies and should grab attention as flows continue to rise throughout the spring. Trail a smaller mayfly or midge pattern. Zebra midges, beadwing midges, and winkers midges in red or black and sizes 18-20 should pick up fish.

There continues to be opportunity to fish small streamer patterns. Wooly buggers, bunny busters, and small sculpzillas should stay productive as flows continue to rise.

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