We’ve been running a ton of trips out to our favorite little tailwater lately. The guides are all reporting surprisingly good fishing from early morning to last light throughout the eight miles of public access. None of knew what to expect when the flows finally came down so this is for sure some of the better news we’ve had for a while.

Recent trips have had fish eating all the usual midge nymphs (Zebra, Tailwater Tiny and Winkers) with red being the hot color early and black and purple better in the afternoon. There’ve been reports of a decent spinner fall around last light. And it’s always worth swinging big leeches and sculpin imitations in the pools during the day if things get quiet.

Remember to create very compact rigs for the Crooked, with your two nymphs being no more than eight inches apart, and the same gap from first bug to weight. Small bobbers get the job done out there. High stick almost everything! Resist the urge to lengthen out your nymph presentation. Fish right on your boots for the best, most effective presentation.

Go get ’em! It’s going to be a fun summer on the Crooked.

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