The bobber fishing on Crane has begun to get a little tougher. It seems as the lake is transitioning again and there is a algae bloom happening again by Rock Creek and Quinn. It is a long, stringy, algae that tends to stick to your flies, leader, and line. This gets quite frustrating so it gives us the opportunity to go explore the lake some more. The algae by Rock Creek and Quinn pushed us to fish closer to the Cultus channel.

The chironomid fishing in the channel has been a bit slower. However, there has been a big callibaetis hatch with a nice spinner fall that can be a fun time to fish. The spinner fall has been happening around 10 am. The best fishing for us has been in the Deschutes arm, close to Cow Meadow and in that area. If you are in the Deschutes arm, keep your eye out for rising fish. Good caddis and callibaetis action. Fishing spinners and emergers mainly. Size 18 caddis peacock parachute caddis has been a killer fly!


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