Fishing has been good out on Crane. The water level is staying consistent for us and the fish are happy. Some algae is blooming and parts of the lake are going to be worse than others. Even with that algae in the top two feet of the water column deeper down is still cold and clear and fish will be present throughout. Get your nymphs down deep below the bloom where fish will be cruising but not visible. Damsels are becoming more and more active and should continue to do so with warmer weather on the way. We have seen the fish starting to move into deeper water so target the channels with indicator rigs or full sinking lines using damsel patterns, small leeches and midges. 

Suggested Dries: Tilt Wing Callibaetis #14-16, D&D Cripple Callibaetis #14-16, Red or Black CDC Flying Ant #16, Foam Black Ant #16, Black Stimulator #14-16, Parachute Adams #14-18, Purple Haze #14-18, Griffith’s Gnat #16-20.

Suggested Nymphs: Black or Red Zebra Midge #16-18, Black or red Ice Cream Cone #14-16, Black or Red Chironocone #14-18, Poxyback Callibaetis #14-18, Feather Duster #14-16, Trigger Callibaetis #14-16, Dainty Damsel #14, Scotts Damsel #14, Balanced Damsel #14. 

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