The algae bloom continues to be the greatest challenge on Crane, but there are still plenty of opportunities to find fish in the right areas. With calm, warm weather in the forecast the bloom will most likely continue to be an issue in the coming weeks. However, it will be concentrated in certain areas and will vary in location day to day. The key is to find clear water or to get flies below the two or three feet on the surface where the bloom is most prevalent. There has been good Damsel activity, and fishing weed beds with an intermediate line and Damsel nymph has been finding fish cruising close to shore looking for the migrating Damsels. If you can’t seem to find clear water, fish a Damsel, Leech, or Callibaetis nymph 5-7 feet below an indicator to find fish feeding below the algae bloom. For those willing to put in some time and effort into finding the right area on any given day, there are rewards to be had on Crane!

Suggested Dries: Peacock Chubby Chernobyl #14-16, Para-Cricket #14-16, CDC Flying Ant #16, Black Flying Ant #16

Suggested Nymphs: Dark Assassin #16-18, Balanced Assassin #16-18, Two-tone Damsel #12, Rapunzel Wilcox #12, Dainty Damsel #12, CDC BH Damsel #12-14, Olive Balanced Leech #14, Bird’s Nest Hare’s Ear #16-18, Depth Charge Natural #16-18

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