The surface temps on Crane are starting to heat up. This means that fish will start moving into the channels as the days continue to get warmer. Fishing has still been great. Fish are keyed into callibaetis nymphs and damsels. The algae bloom is starting to take off and we expect it to get even worse as the air temp increases. Fishing a dry dropper can be very effective right now. Our dry is not necessarily as important as the dropper. For the dry, fish a beetle, black chubby, parachute adams or purple haze. As your dropper, fish small flies. We are fishing dark assassins (sz18), midges (red or black), and pheasant tails. Fishing to rising fish with this method is effective, as well as sight casting to fish cruising around. If you are in the channels, fishing about a foot off the bottom of the lake is your best bet. We are fishing dark assassins, midges, and balanced leeches under the strike indicator.

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