The Upper Deshutes in between Little Lava Lake and Crane Prairie Res has been productive lately offering up an exciting opportunity to hook a Brook Trout in a small stream environment. The fishing has been solid upstream and downstream from the Hwy 40 bridge with nymphing techniques proving effective in the morning and a little dry-fly action heating up later in the day in the form of PMDs and even some Green Drakes. Fishy nymphs up there have included Copper-Johns, Zebra Midges, Pheasant-Tails, and Psyco-Princes (all in a size 14-20) in the deeper holes and slots along the under-cut banks. The dry-fly fishing has been best in riffles with the Parachute PMD, Hackle-Stacker PMD, and Parachute Green Drake being used to match the hatch. If there aren’t any clear hatches coming off attractor patterns can bring fish up in the faster water as well like a blue-bodied ParaWulf  or a Stimulator.

Side note: Would like to propose a voluntary Hoot-Owl closure on the Upper-Deshutes between Crane Prairie and Wickiup Reservoirs due to the dangerously warm water and stressful fish conditions. Thanks for understanding

*photo courtesy of shop regular Scott Fuson

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