The Crooked River has been fishing great! We are seeing a decent PMD hatch a few times throughout the day. The first one popping off around 11 am, lasting for a few 20 minutes or so. We have seen an afternoon hatch coming off around 3-4pm. Be sure to have size 16-18 PMDs. You can also fish a small purple haze or parachute Adams to imitate these mayflies. If you are fishing subsurface, fish 6x tippet (fluorocarbon). We are nymphing with very small nymphs and a variety of them. Our go to this week has been a purple Juju Baetis nymph in size 20-22. A double nymph rig will be your best bet. Other flies we are fishing under the indicator are size 16-18 Pheasant tails, sz 16-18 hares ears, sz 18-20 red two-bit hooker, sz 20 olive tailwater tiny, and sz 16-20 zebra midges (purple, black, and red).

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