East continues to be one of the best options for those looking to fish the lakes of Central Oregon. The Callibaetis hatch has been consistent, but getting fish to take a dry has become quite difficult on most days. In the right situations a good cripple or spinner pattern on 6X will bring fish to the surface pretty consistently, but the days of fishing dun patterns to gorging fish are rare and fleeting. Nymphing fairly deep below an indicator and wind drifting are the best ways to find numbers of fish right now. A variety of Callibaetis patterns have been fishing consistently, and a good ol’ Hare’s Ears and Pheasant Tails have also been finding good numbers of fish. When fish are actively feeding on the surface but don’t like the look of your dries, tie on a dropper a couple of feet below a cripple pattern to get takes from fish who are high in the water column. Small streamers and Wooly Buggers will find fish for those looking to strip some flies.

Suggested Dries: Organza Spinner #14-16, High Vis Callibaetis, D&D Cripple #14-16, Last Chance Cripple #14-16, Hackle Stacker Callibaetis #14-16, Thorax Callibaetis #14-16, Callibaetis Spinner #14-16, Black Flying Ant #16, Cinnamon Flying Ant #16, Peacock Chubby Chernobyl #14-16, Para-Cricket #14-16

Suggested Nymphs: Trigger Callibaetis #16, Bird’s Nest Hare’s Ear #14-18, Dark Assassin #16-18, Depth Charge Natural #16-18 Black or Red Ice Cream Cone #14-18, Yankee Buzzer #16, Black or Red Zebra Midge #16-18, Balanced Assassin #16, Black or Olive Balanced Leech #14

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