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Fishing Reports

I had a great day on the water today with Nick and Rich. We fished dry and dropper all day and landed a bunch of fish in the 15 to 18 in range. Cali spinners in the morning and duns the rest of the day. The go to bugs were the extended body may fly dry and the beadhead birds nest as an emerger.

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Wickiup hasn’t exactly been a no brainer, but it is producing some nice fish, like the fat ‘bow below.  My son Eric snookered this one a minnow bugger while walking the shore.  Nice ‘bow.  But be forewarned, fishing the same area at the same time of day in similar conditions today resulted in zippo-nada.  I guess that was just paying dues to tangle with some very nice ‘bows, browns, and even the occasional 20+ inch…

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