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Crooked River
March 07 . 14

Tiny Bugs on the Crooked

    The Crooked River is fishing great right now. Water levels have consistently been at 54 cfs for a couple weeks now. Midges are coming off on the regular and can make for some fun dry fly fishing. Watch closely for risers. The takes are very gentle and subtle. Bwo's should be reappearing more and more. Nymphing midge patterns has been extremely productive, as well as the occasionally stripped bugger in the deeper pools. Winkers Midge, Grifts Nat, Purple Haze, Zebra Midge, and FB Pheasant Tail are the patterns to have in size 18 to 20. The word on the street is the Crooked has been busy especially since the Crooked has been the most consistent fishing anywhere in Central Oregon. Get out there and have fun!
posted by FFO Crew
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February 25 . 14

Crooked River Low!

    The Crooked River is still low and running at 52 cfs. Fishing is decent even due to the low water levels. Look to fish riffles and deeper pools. Nymphing small midges and scuds is a good bet for success. Hatches will occur during the warmest part of the day. Midges and maybe a few Bwo's will be present. Get out there and enjoy!
posted by FFO Crew
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January 30 . 14

Fishing the Crooked River

    The Crooked River water levels have been reduced to 51 cfs from 71cfs. Drops in water levels will typically turn the fishing off for a day or two. With low water levels, focus your efforts fishing in the riffles or deeper pools. Midge and bug activity will be best during the warmest part of the day. Little grifts gnats, winkers midge, purple haze, and bwo patterns are good dries to have stocked in your boxes. Nymphing small scuds, pheasant tails, black lightning bugs, and midges should produce. There is plenty off water to explore on the Crooked River. Don't hesitate to try some new water.
posted by FFO Crew
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January 14 . 14

Bugger Tactics on the Crooked

    Stripping buggers and leeches is one of the more overlooked tactics that can be used on the Crooked River. Especially for this time of year, not a whole lot is going on for bug activity. Yes midges and the last of the Whitefish egg patterns might produce some action but sometimes fish are being fish!  Stripping buggers and leeches in the slower pools can be extremely productive. The key to this is finding some of the deeper pools with structure. Use a fairly longer leader and a small leech or bugger and cast across. Let it swing and strip it in slowly. Some good bugger and leech imitations are the Ruby Eyed Leech, Baby Bugger, and Scupzilla in the smaller sizes. This tactic can be a great one. Go out there and give it a shot especially if some of the usual tactics are drawing a blank.
posted by FFO Crew
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January 06 . 14

Crooked River 2014

    Were into 2014 and the Crooked is still producing consistently. Guiding out there a few times last week, fishing was productive. Midges are coming off during the warmest parts of the day, making for some fun dry fly fishing. The Grifts Nat in size 22 was working well out there. Be observant and look for rise forms in the flats. The takes are so subtle. Some of these fish can be picky. Light tippets and delicate casts will increase your hookups. Nymphing little egg patterns and winker midges were also extremely productive. The whitefish are on the spawn and are super aggressive. Sometimes you will have to work a little harder to find the rainbows. They tend to move around a bit. Last week there were some awesome rainbows caught in the slower riffles. Were lucky to have the Crooked river a blink away from Bend. If your looking for an outing close by that is chalk full of fish, yeah go to the Crooked River!
posted by FFO Crew
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November 18 . 13

Late Fall on the Crooked

The Crooked River below Bowman Dam has been excellent. Mid-day hatches of both Blue Winged Olive and Pale Morning Duns have been consistent. The White Fish spawn is starting. The big bows have gotten used to the winter flows and are active. Preferred flies have been everything from Tailwater Tiny and WD50 for nymphing to ParaWulff in both BWO and PMD in sizes 18 and 20 for dries. Small egg patterns will be effective if you can locate spawning White Fish. But the dry fly has been so good that any time from 11:30 to 4 you should be able to work the surface. HAVE FUN!
posted by FFO Crew
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October 08 . 13
Picture from Crooked River

Crooked River in the fall

Out on the Crooked River this past Sunday on a beautiful fall day. Started out a little chilly in the morning, but by lunch time it had warmed up nicely. With the warm afternoon it turned out to be a great day fishing dries.
posted by Chris Lundberg
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October 08 . 13


    Well the Crooked River had been running about 220 cfs all summer long. Currently the water levels on the Crooked are at 72 cfs. The good news is fishing and dry fly craziness has not stopped one bit. This last week I was identifying lots of Bwo's, midges, Blk Caddis, and some Pmd's. I would make sure to have all four of these patterns. Be extra cautious on what the fish are feeding on. There was definitely a time each day were multiple bugs were coming off at the same time and fish were eating certain patterns. The Crooked should continue to fish consistently through the next couple of months. Get on out there!
posted by FFO Crew
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September 29 . 13

Crooked River Madness

    This week I was on the Crooked four days and saw some crazy bug diversity. There was a period in the afternoon where PMD's, Bwo's, Caddis, and Midges were floating down the river at the same time. Fish were rising absolutely everywhere. The interesting part of the deal was some of the fish were quite selective and stubborn. The Purple Haze for a Bwo imitation and the extended body Pmd were the flies for the week that produced the best. Nymphing the morning before the hatch came off found plenty of action especially with the Whitefish. Small Orange scuds and yes of course the winkers midge in sz 18 to 20 worked. From noon to four the hatch was most noticeable. There definitely were fish rising early on but very sporadically. This is a great time to be out there as the crowds of people are dwindling back to the couches for football and warmth. I guess we can all say fall is hear and bundling up in sweaters and rain jackets is a must for fishing excursions.  
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September 14 . 13

Dry Fly Action!

    The Crooked river has been fishing fantastic. Mid-day Pmd's have been coming off consistently. From Noon to Four expect some awesome dry fly action. Little Black Caddis have been in the mix as well. The extended body Pmd and Black Elk Hair Caddis in sz 16 to 18 has been the ticket. Nymphing the Winkers midge which is no surprise has been producing along with other small nymphs. Smaller the better! Size 18 to 20's have been working. The dry fly action out there has been superb so don't miss out especially while the weather is still warm.
posted by FFO Crew
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September 06 . 13
Picture from Crooked River

Summer time on the Crooked River

Had mom and dad out to visit for this summer from San Antonio, TX. Had a great day out on the Crooked River with several nice rainbows caught both on dries and nymphs. Dryfly action was pretty good in the shaded areas from about 11am to about 2pm on both pmds and caddis. Most of the nymphing was with small midges in both black and red.
posted by Chris Lundberg
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August 11 . 13

Crooked River Action

    Caddis and Pmd's are coming off consistently on the crooked. Nymphing has been lights out at times. SZ 18 to 20's in pheasant tails and pmd emergers have been producing. Other good patterns are the red and black lightning bug, winkers midge, and soft hackles. All times of the day have produced. If your looking for some action the Crooked is probably one of your best bets.
posted by FFO Crew
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July 28 . 13
Picture from Crooked River

Crooked Bows

   The Crooked River has been fishing solid lately. There has been plenty of  fish in the 12 to 14 inch which has been a nice bonus. Caddis and Pmd's have been all over the river starting mid-morning and can make for some fun fishing. Nymphing little winkers midge or tiny mayfly nymphs has been producing throughout the day. A couple good bugs have been the red lightning bug and tungsten zebra midge in sz 18. Fishing out there during the weekdays has been nice and quiet. If you have the chance don't be afraid to explore around. There is so much good water!
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Crooked River

Crooked River, Oregon: Draining nearly 4500 square miles of Oregon's Eastern "High Desert", the Crooked River and it's tributaries cuts through the sage and Read More... rimrock on it's destination to the Lower Deschutes River. Through large impoundments it flows creating an oasis for wild Redband Rainbow Trout, Golden Eagles, Desert Mule Deer, and of course...the fly fisher. Below Prineville Reservoir the Crooked River flows northwest to Lake Billy Chinook, the final impoundment to the Deschutes River. Fly fishing Crooked River, 7 mile stretch below Bowman Dam, is the most popular section of its 145 miles. This section boasts large numbers of the wild Rainbow Trout highly sought after by the fly angler. Carving a path through steep basalt canyons provides unparalleled scenery for everyone from bird watchers, hikers, climbers, horse back riders, and fishers alike. Exceptional camping and easy access for the fly fishing Bend Oregon enthusiast sets the Crooked River in a class by itself. Our Crooked River Oregon guided fly fishing trips focus on several objectives. Our guests experience safe wading, basic casting and best of all plentiful Rainbow Trout eager to take the fly, all within the walls of the beautiful Crooked River canyon. On our guided fly fishing trips our guides focus on providing a positive learning experience for our guests whether you're a first time fly fisher, or interested is in improving your technique or your knowledge of stream ecology and rainbow trout behavior. Fly and Field Outfitters offers a variety of guided fly fishing trips on the Crooked River. Choose from Half Day, Full Day, Schools or Large Groups. All guided fly fishing trips are walk-in.


Picture from Crooked River

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Crooked River

Partly sunny, with a high near 60. Breezy, with a southeast wind 6 to 11 mph becoming west 20 to 25 mph in the morning. Winds could gust as high as 34 mph.

Apr 19
Partly Sunny
Winds: 11 mph
Humidity: 59%
Dew Point: 19°
Chance Precip: 1%
Apr 20
Partly Cloudy
Winds: 17 mph
Humidity: 92%
Dew Point: 26°
Chance Precip: 4%
Apr 21
Partly Cloudy
Winds: 7 mph
Humidity: 78%
Dew Point: 31°
Chance Precip: 4%
Apr 22
Winds: 12 mph
Humidity: 85%
Dew Point: 35°
Chance Precip: 51%
Apr 23
Mostly Cloudy
Winds: 14 mph
Humidity: 88%
Dew Point: 27°
Chance Precip: 21%

Crooked River

Blue-Winged Olive

Pheasant Tail Nymph 16-20 Afternoon
Flashback Pheasant Tail Nymph 16-18 Afternoon
Trina's Bubbleback Emerger 16-18 Afternoon
Para BWO 16-18 Afternoon
Hi Vis Para BWO 16-18 Afternoon
Parachute Adams 18 Afternoon

Pale Morning Dun

Pheasant Tail Nymph 16-18 Mid Morning
Hare's Ear Nymph 16-18 Mid Morning
Parachute PMD 14-16 Aternoon
Para Wulff PMD 14-16 Aternoon
High Vis Para PMD 14-16 Aternoon

Mahogany Dun

Pheasent Tail Nymph 12-14 Afternoon
Compara Dun Mahogany 14-16 Afternoon
Compara Dun Purple 14-16 Afternoon

October Caddis

Super Pupa Amber 8-10 Evening
Tungsten Oct Caddis 8-10 Evening
X Stimulator Orange 8-10 Evening
Norm's Wood 8-10 Evening

Cased Caddis

Cased Caddis Pupa 14-16 Afternoon /
Hairs Ear Soft Hackle 14-16 Afternoon /
Elk Hair Caddis Brown 14-18 Afternoon /
X Caddis Tan 14-18 Afternoon /

Net-Builder Caddis

Krystal Flash Pupa Olive 14-16 Afternoon
Spakle Pupa Green 14-16 Afternoon
Elk Hair Caddis Olive 14-18 Afternoon
X Caddis Olive 14-18 Afternoon

Rock Worm Caddis

Caddis Larva Olive 14-16 Afternoon
S's BH Pupa Olive 14-16 Afternoon
BH Serendipity 14-16 Afternoon
Olive Elk Hair Caddis 14-16 Afternoon
Outrigger Caddis Olive 14-16 Afternoon

Yellow Sally Stonefly

Little Yellow Sloan Nymph 12-14 Afternoon
Kyle's BH CH Yellow Sally 12-14 Afternoon
Slow Water Sally 14-16 Afternoon

Winter Black Stonefly

AP Nymph Black 16 Afternoon
Stimulator Black 16 Afternoon

Skwala Stonefly

Olive Hairs Ear Nymph 8-10 Afternoon
Olive Hairs Ear Nymph 8-10 Afternoon


Biot Midge Pupa 18-22 Afternoon
Winkers Midge 18-22 Afternoon
Idyle's CDC Midge 18-22 Afternoon
Hatching Midge 18-22 Afternoon


BH Scud Olive 14-18 Afternoon
BH Scud Orange 14-18 Afternoon


Parachute Hopper 10 Afternoon
Carange Hopper 10 Afternoon

Crooked River


Below Prineville Resv.7 day30 day120 Day3.352544:30 am

Crooked River/Below Prineville Resv. 7 Day


Crooked River/Below Prineville Resv. 30 Day


Crooked River/Below Prineville Resv. 120 Day